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Hemp is one of the more environmentally friendly fabrics available for use in the textile industry. It grows rapidly from seed and out competes weeds, so has no need for chemical weed control and requires very little water. The bark of the stem is stripped back, the fibres are dried, beaten and spun and textiles are produced. All the other parts of the plant can be used for food and health products, paper and building materials.

Other significant advantages of hemp include its high UV protection, it’s absorbency rates which make it a very breathable fabric and its ability to soften with every wash without losing its lustre.

We have used Hemp blends that give the fabrics a softer feel whilst still maintaining its credentials.



Cotton is the world's most widely used fibre but presently only one percent of cotton grown is organic. Organic cotton avoids the use of hazardous chemicals throughout the whole process from seed through to cloth. Organic farming practices ensure that workers have safer working conditions and fairer wages.

Cotton is breathable, durable and comfortable to wear and while organic cotton is more expensive, the long term benefits to the environment and workers are huge.



Linens absorbent, cooling and comfortable properties make this fabric a staple in most women’s wardrobes. Only one percent of global linen is organically grown so it is difficult to source. However, we believe that consumer demand will change that statistic.

Linen fibres are significantly lighter and cooler than other fabrics because the fibres have a hollow core. The fibres come from stalk of the Linux Usitatissimum or Flax plant. Linen has many environmental benefits as it is easier to grow than cotton and requires less heat and water to thrive. In addition, other parts of the plant can be used in the food and health industry.

Linen has a long and rich history going back to early Egyptian, Greek and Roman times and it’s endurance through the ages is testimony to its versatility.


Tencel is made from wood fibre sourced from sustainably harvested trees. The pulp is converted to fibre in a closed loop process which means that 99.5% of the chemicals are reused thus making it an environmentally friendly fabric.

Tencel is soft and drapes well, is absorbent and breathable and feels good against your skin. It can be blended with other fibres to change or enhance the feel and we have used both a pure Tencel and a Hemp /Tencel blend for some of our garments.



This natural fibre has been in demand since man started to wear clothing. Once it was realised that the fleece could be spun and turned into cloth it’s longevity was assured. Because it is an animal fibre it offers durability, warmth and breathability and works well as a blended fabric. Wool provides an income for thousands of Australian farmers. 75% of Australian wool produced is merino wool. It is valued for its moisture wicking and anti odour properties and is completely biodegradable.

Wool is not without its share of issues though. Although there is no body to certify organic wool in Australia, there are many farmers that are listening to consumer demand for sustainable practises and ethical animal management. We have sourced our merino fabrics from companies with a commitment to these values so that we can offer you garments made in this superior fabric that will go the extra  mile.


Bamboo can grow in difficult soil conditions, requires no irrigation and can survive heat, drought and cold. It requires no harmful chemicals and pesticides to thrive and can also be cultivated by small scale landholders where it can cling to hillsides and marginal land that can’t  be used for other crops.The downside is that chemicals are required in the fabric making process. This beautiful fabric which is soft and smooth against the skin is gaining in popularity and consumer demand will ultimately mean that the processing method will evolve into a closed loop system where chemicals are not released into the environment but are reused.



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