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Pankina is a clothing label that uses light breathable natural fabrics in to produce stylish and timeless clothing for women. Imagine creating a wardrobe that will introduce simplicity to our often busy lives. Quality clothing that can be dressed up or down, mixed and matched or layered and that will be worn for many seasons to come. A capsule wardrobe that can be carefully added to over time.

Pankina seeks to support growing consumer demand for ethical and sustainable products. We are aiming for small seasonal production runs of stylish garments that women will love to wear time and again and that will tell the world who they are and what their values are.

Pankina is proud to be an ethically accredited label ensuring that workers in the manufacturing of our clothing are afforded proper wage and working conditions.

Proudly accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.



Read more about our values here.


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